Monday, March 2, 2015

More Clothesline Fetish Snaps

At home, I hang mine on a rod in the laundry room because in my tight little world, clotheslines in public view aren't allowed.  After all these years, I'm still getting my clothesline kicks on Isla Mujeres.

Red, white, and blue -- my favorite colors!  This little house by the Chimbo's entrance to Playa Norte always has a nice line.

It took almost a month before we wandered out to the colonias where some of the best clothesline action can be found.  We lunched at the Mango, cabbed to the Coopertiva de Las Mujeres (taxi lingo that got us to the bead ladies' shop), and walked La Gloria for clothesline photos.  These people must be very happy because they have very colorful clothes!

Hope these people got their clothes picked off before the rain fell!  We grabbed a cab back to town right before the deluge.

Some of the best lines can be found on the malecon -- a prime location for clothesline peepers.  Fortunately, the walk was right outside my door and part of my daily routine.

Stripes and indigo are so in this year!

I caught Las Palmas' sheets billowing in the wind on our walk down Guerrero one day.

These people on this Hidalgo balcony must do laundry everyday!

More malecon madness.

Meanwhile back at the Dulceria across from the elementary school, I finally managed to sneak a clothesline photo.  I just wasn't on my game this trip!

I never show my own clothesline photos on Isla because ours come home squeezed into a tight little bag.  I guess I'm just as tight when I'm on island!


Ann said...

Great shots! We have a clothesline at our place & do laundry quite often, but I don't think I'd take photos of it--maybe the dresses & shirts!

Emily said...

Don't they ever hang out their bras and panties? Or do they hide those inside? ;-) Love your photos and all the beautiful colors!

Life's a Beach! said...

Emily, they do hang the bras and underwear. I've gotten some pretty funny shots over the years! Thanks Ann and Emily!

Teana said...

your clothesline pics are just fantastic!!

Would it be ok if I painted one of your photos?

Life's a Beach! said...

No problem Teana!