Friday, June 13, 2014

The Day Goes As It Goes

The day goes as it goes.  I heard this quote on House Hunters International in regards to the slower pace of living in another Latin American country and it struck a note with me.

Recently we were on the island with newbies.  They wanted to schedule every day.  I think they had a hard time grasping our way of life on Isla.

After years of traveling to the island, we do a lot of nothing.  We wake up and let the day go as it goes.

If it's sunny, we might go to the beach.  Along the way, we stop off at our favorite coffee shop or the juice tienda on Juarez.

We spend a few hours soaking in the saltwater and relaxing in the shade.

Once we've had enough sun, we stroll back through El Centro.  I take photographs and Craig hangs back in the shade.  This dog also takes the day as it goes, rarely moving from his favorite spot.  I swear I snap the same photo of him every year.

We also enjoy watching people, just like our little friend here.  If we're feeling salty and itchy, we cab back to the room to wash off before walking to someplace close for a late lunch.

The Loaded Nachos at Barlito is one of our favorites!

Or -- we might split the Cheeseburger in Paradise and Sweet Potato Fries at the Soggy Peso.

If it's not raining or too hot, we stroll back home in a weak attempt to burn calories, snapping more pictures along the route.  

Love these side by side doors in the colonias.

 I wave to the guys cooking lunch at Kash Keken.

Locals line up at Tacqueria AA.

The rush is gone at the local tortilleria.

I'm guessing this souped up Bug belongs to Green Verde's Oscar?

We walk around our favorite little sidewalk dog along the way.  He's also been in the same spot for years. At this distance he's fine, but I once spoke to him and he greeted me with a snarl.  Turistas!

Back home, we lounge in the palapa by the pool listening to the waves and watching iguanas and boats pass.

After a dip in the pool and a nap, we ponder dinner.  Where'd the day go? 

It goes as it goes.


Babs said...

Great post! People who read the blog and are coming to San Miguel want to book every day BEFORE they get here. I tell them San Miguel is about "being". Then I try to explain how they need to walk to the jardin, plop on the bench and watch life. Or a sidewalk cafe and have a cappuchino. NOPE, they want to go to the pyramid, to this and that. AND they want to be sure there is wifi and satellite TV. Oy vey, stay home! It never ends.
Love "The day goes as it goes", oh so true. Love your photos too.

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks Babs. That's the way we roll now. We actually recognize more people there now than we do here, so it's also a homecoming. A lot of people can't let themselves slow to the pace of life in Mexico and they are missing out. My plan is no plans!