Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Scenes from El Centro

A maletero on Rueda Medina pedaling some poor soul's luggage to the ferry dock.

When we first considered visiting Isla Mujeres, a woman at the gym turned up her nose and said,  Ohhhhh. The backpacker island.  Isla's no longer known as the backpacker island, but backpackers are still welcome!

Peace out policia. 

The corner of Argentine Grill and Hidalgo.

 The former Manana on Guerrero.  They'll be open manana.  Manana may never come.  They're now at Frida's.

The K-Mart Blue Light Special is now located on Guerrero in front of the post office.  The only thing missing is the revolving blue light.

Looking towards the bay from Capitan Tony's house.

Flags over the French Bistro.

Moto swimming upstream.

Sunset on Medina.

Maybe the little truck delivers Coronita's?

Where the street meets the beach.  Ahhhhhhhh.


Janet said...

Love the pictures Becky. I feel like I'm right there, I can hear the sounds and smell the different scents in the air!

Lynda Bogart Stilley said...

Always love the Isla stories your photos tell!