Sunday, June 8, 2014

People Pics

I think I mentioned we love people watching almost more than lounging on the beach?

You never know what you'll see when the next load of daytrippers flood the streets.

Craig and I were sitting back in the palms on Playa Norte one morning and he said, "There's a man with a blow up doll."  He had a real female friend with him, so don't let your thoughts go there.  The blow up babe was sitting underneath the umbrella, so I decided to get a photo.  The friendly guy in town with the Pensacola Regatta offered to pose.  One of my favorites pics from this trip!

All I can say is no comment.

I stumbled upon a man willing to pose in front of the Bimbo truck.  

Not sure what this vendor sells, but he rings a triangle so customers can hear him approaching.

This little girl walking her pooch posed for a photo while we were drinking our frappes at Mogagua.  A friend fluent in Spanish asked why she was out of school.  Classes were cancelled in Quintana Roo for a rain day!

This is a sad people pic -- a procession down Juarez towards to cemetery.  R.I.P.

This man carries a heavy load everyday peddling his baskets.

Another Isla icon, she sells fruits and vegetables on this corner in El Centro most mornings.  Looks like she's almost sold out for the day!

The pan man rides the ferry over from Cancun to sell bread goods from this metal container he carries on his head.

She thinks she's human!  She's got a seat at the table.

Queso Man's another icon!  I try to get a photo every trip.  A friend who lives in Merida saw him on the street one day there.  He wasn't selling cheese.  The friend sang the Queeee sooo, Oa Caca song to him and Queso Man looked astounded.  He he he.  He walks from town to the colonias and back selling his cheese.  I'm guessing he visits the island on certain days of the week like the pan man.

This little girl's doing homework in front of Cafe Cito.  

Schoolgirls in uniforms on their way home around noon.

Girls headed to Playa Norte with floaties.

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