Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Second Edition of the Restaurant Quiz

As much as I'd love to be in the tropics right now, I don't feel bad about being stranded in Tucson, Arizona.  Online Canuck friends are complaining about -42 C temps.  Holey moley!  We're having a gorgeous winter with highs in the 70's and lots of the yellow stuff.  An arctic blast on Friday is supposed to drop the temps into the 60's.  This is our eighth winter in Arizona and so far, the warmest!

Enough bragging about the weather.  I've probably jinxed it and we'll see snow tonight!  Here's the second edition of the restaurant quiz.

 The quaint interior of which popular loncheria?

Hint -- one type of food dominates this restaurant's menu.

I'm eating in the first stall at the market which is _____________?

My favorite restaurant to sit with a frappe and watch the island pass by. 

I'll admit I've never sat on this porch or purchased a drink here, but I find this man fascinating.  The most puzzling man in the world (or at least on Isla).  Name this cantina!

If this is my view, where am I eating?  I think these people hid behind the sign because they didn't want to be outed in my photo.  What the heck's a piano bar?  That's another interesting topic.  Tee hee.

These colorful tables are located at _______________?

Here I'm dining with friends at one of my favorite restaurants on Isla eating delicious baked shrimp.  The famous owner is in the background.  What's his name?

Where's this head?  Or should I say whose head is this?

Petey was a fixture for years in this popular Isla restaurant.

Name this beach club.

We're sitting on the front patio of which popular El Centro restaurant?

Can anyone guess what's made here?

Okay, this is a gimme, but I've always liked this mural.

And here's another freebie.  Next time you're on Isla, stick your head through the menu board for your photo souvenir!  I obviously did, so it's my profile pic.

The sniffles are gone, so I can no longer award that viral prize for guessing all the restaurants in the second edition correctly.  Maybe I could throw in my two unused tickets to Cancun from November, but the fraud police would come after you since we opted for the full refund.

Stay warm my friends!

Answers in order of the photos:
La Lomita, Pita Amore, Alexi&Giovanni's, Mogagua, Hemingway's, Basto's, Mamacita, Fredy's, Bahia Tortuga (that looks like Danny to me!), French Bistro, Capitan Dulce, M&J's Cazuela, tortillas, Don Chepo's, and Poc Chuc.   And don't dock me any points on my spelling!


MommaDe said...

Know them all except the bird...............and the guy at Hemingways is always interesting.

Life's a Beach! said...

Yay Diedre!!! That's Petey at the French Bistro.

Nancy said...

Darn, I just saw this post so I won't try to answer since you already listed them. But do I get an extra point because I know the name of the musician at Fredy's? That's Hector. Last visit we had him serenade us every day, and sometimes twice!

Life's a Beach! said...

You got that one right Nancy! It's Hector. He sang for our table that night.