Sunday, January 19, 2014

Name That Restaurante!

This one's practically a gimme.

Hint -- it's off Hidalgo.

This photo was taken year's ago, but the view from the tables remains virtually the same.

This restaurant's closed, but old-timers might recognize the door.

The view's a dead giveaway on this popular bar.

Gone, but not forgotten.  The original Cool.  My first sampling of Cool gelato occurred in December 2005 not long after Hurricane Wilma.

Name this popular restaurant!

Bean soup, bean soup, bean soup.

This one's obvious, so tell me the location.

Gone now, but do you know the name and where it used to be?

Easy peasy.  Everyone will recognize these tables!

Definitely an oldie, but goodie!  What's new pussycat!

This is the view!  Where am I eating?

Get all the answers right and the grand prize winner gets my sniffles.  Smirk smirk.  To be continued -- because I have a lot of time on my hands right now.  : )

Taaa-daaaaaaa.  The answers:
Soggy Peso, Victor's Cafe Havana,  Almar Lounge, Playa del Sol (kitchen door), Bahia Tortuga, the original Cool, Jax (upstairs deck), La Lomita, Susanita on Juarez, Loncheria Chely across from the market/post office on Guerrero, the Mango Cafe, Mininos (means pussycat), and the view from that coveted table at Bally Hoo.  Aaaaaaaa-chooooo!  


Lynda & Lawrie said...

I know most of them ..... but it's not fair, because we live here. And you my friend, can keep your sniffles! Cheers L

Nancy said...

I don't know them all but here goes (and I'll pass on the prize):
1 Soggy Peso
2 Victor's Casa Havana
3 Casa de los Suenos
4 ?
5 Bahia Tortuga
6 The old Cool
7 ?
8 La Lomita
9 La Susanita on Avenida Juarez
10 Loncheria Chely was across from the Mercado next to Las Palmas
11 Mango Cafe
12 Mininos

Life's a Beach! said...

No one wants my prize? I can't believe it! LOL. Nancy, I think you threw it so you wouldn't get my present! Almost!

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