Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bits of Blue

I'm been feeling a little like the mermaid lately.  Fragmented!  Maybe it's the cold medicine I'm taking -- again.  Today I'll just post some blue odds and ends and hope these cloudy Arizona skies and cold medicine haze pass quickly.

This boat was on the island in November 2011.  It was quite a sight sailing down Playa Norte.  The story eludes me now, but I think the owner built it and stopped on Isla for a little rest on his way to Panama?  Some such adventure.

Craig in front of Burgos Moto Rentadora back in 2004.  Now you can order a curried chicken pita there!

Now, and back in 2002.

Love the colors in this peacock mural at Hotel Las Palmas.

And speaking of peacocks!!!

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Anonymous said...

please stop with the fuzzy pictures.
i so look forward to your beautiful photos...