Thursday, September 5, 2013

More Monkey Business

Speaking of monkeys, I thought I'd do a rerun today. I told this story about our trip to Lamanai ruins  (February 2012) at a party the other night.  I don't think people believed me. The subject came up because my new neighbor was warning me if we went to Costa Rica, there were monkeys.

Monkey see, monkey do.  Monkeys don't scare me!  Ha!

Monkey on Da' Boat!

Part of the trip to Lamanai ruins last week was the 25 mile boat ride upriver. The guides frequently stopped the boat to point out various birds, manatees, crocodiles, iguanas, plants, humans, etc....

 At one point, the boat pulled up under a tree and the guide's warning went something like this. Okay, we gon pull up under da tree and da monkeys might jump on da boat. If da monkeys jump on da boat, don scream. If dese monkeys hear screams, they might -- how you say it? -- get like tense, and if dey get -- uhhh tense -- dey might bite!

Fortunately, no one screamed, and the monkeys didn't bite! There are actually two different monkeys in the video. The first one, the male, jumped down into the boat and left fairly quickly. Dennis (the Menace?) split right after the guide gave him a few chunks of banana. (He probably had a new flatscreen up in the tree.) The second monkey, the female, dropped in later. She's the one strutting up and down posing. She, of course, hung around longer and was more hospitable. : o )


Lynda Bogart Stilley said...

We never got to the Lamanai Ruins when in Belize. I think after the Yucatan and Oaxaca, we got burned out! Are you planning a trip to Costa Rica? There be monkeys there, mon!

Life's a Beach! said...

LOL Lynda. I'm mulling a new destination for February because it's not exactly pool weather at 3500 ft. In Arizona that time of year. Roatan, Costa Rica, or the Huatulco area?

Life's a Beach! said...

I need to go back through your blog and look at your month in Roatan!