Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Insta --What?

So much of what we're doing daily is still errands.  Looking for this and that.  Along the way, I snap photos with the cellphone.  My major complaint with my son when he was traveling the U.S. was that he used his iPhone instead of a camera.

Eating crow here!  I finally get the convenience.

We found a great deli chain in Tucson -- Beyond Bread.  Yesterday we ordered curried chicken sandwiches on multi-grain.  Fabulous! 

And talk about fabulous -- you snap the photo, edit it with Instagram, post, send it to Picasa Web -- and here it is!

After lunch, we revisited a few antique malls looking for a small cabinet for the living room.  We struck out, but Craig wishes he'd saved those hundred paper wasp nests he removed from the backyard last summer.

Frida rules!  She's everywhere.

Oh my.  Kind of freaky.  No comment.

When I looked to check the price, try a little kindness was not for sale!  I snapped the photo as a reminder.

After the antique mall, we stopped at a fabric store to get some ideas for slip covering chairs.  Look what I found.  Guatemalan fabrics!  The store was manned by a 96-year old guy in a walker.  He said his sister was 102.  Her secret was that she never married.  Hmmmmmm.  That stop changed my mind about the chairs.  (It's too late to change my mind about marriage vs. longevity.  That train left the station 39 years ago.)  After doing the math, I'm forgetting about re-purposing.

This instagram actually dates back to last week in Tubac.  Maybe I'll head back there soon.  If I remember correctly, the town has an outdoor Nogales Mercado on Friday's.  Few people cross the border to shop in Nogales, Mexico now, so the shopkeepers bring their wares north.


This little farm sits on the eastern edge of Tubac.  

Rise and shine!  It's a brand new day.

Insta -- What?  My mother (forward left) and friends could never have imagined their photo would end up in a world called Instagram in 2013.

The miracles of the modern world!


Kathy said...

The blue dude is Isla's busted-up mermaid's spirit animal.

Life's a Beach! said...

Too funny!

Life's a Beach! said...

By the way Kathy, love your blog title and description. I'm in Fiftylandia too -- well, maybe for another 6 weeks give or take!

Ann said...

Love the fabric! I have a pay as you go phone so I can't use instagram--I'm going to get one of my friends to let me join off their phone so I can at least look...or maybe one of the new Iphones...don't think so I want atablet 1st!

Kathy said...

Thanks! I'm going to be living in Sixtylandia by the time I get around to updating it... :-)

Lynda Bogart Stilley said...

Where to start, as I love it all! Know all about Beyond Bread in Tucson, right across the street from Trader Joe's and a pretty decent Japanese restaurant. Have not used Instagram yet though I will check it out. I just edit with Picasa and send to web, FB, or wherever. And I am biting my tongue and using my smart phone's camera a lot. Pics fantastic. And Frida and her eye brows, now that's a woman with a story.

Beachflags said...

wonderful pictures, amazing !! I realy love them !