Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Lost Barrio

Well honey, it's no longer lost because I found it!

After spending a few hours taking a long walk through the neighborhood and making a multitude of phone calls to try and keep the new house and back-end of the move on track, we headed out in search of a shopping district I'd seen listed in a Tucson guide.

The Lost Barrio.  Thank God for GPS because otherwise it would have remained lost!

It's a one block warehouse district chock full of interesting imports, art, antiquities, handmade furniture, Mexican handicrafts, etc....  After three hours of browsing, my head was spinning.  In particular, I was looking for some type of credenza I could use as an entertainment center in the new great room. 

Once again I found myself without camera, so I substituted the cellphone to snap some pics of the area.

In order to lure Craig, I promised him lunch at El Charro on the way.  Here he is with his  platter of El Charro tacos.

After our foray into Tucson, we needed some relaxation.  Craig claims he used the weight room and fitness facility in our new community, but I can't verify that because I spent my time at the pool!

So far this move seems to be a win-win!  What's not to love?


Ann said...

Love all the photos & esp. the rustic bench & the ceramic truck! Looks like the area will be a great source of things for the new house!

Emily said...

Wow! We can't wait to visit Tucson. From your photos, it looks so much like Mexico, which we love. Best of luck with your move -- looks like you've made a wise choice.

Drgeo said...

I vaguely recall visiting Tucson many moons ago. What lingers in mind was a saguaro "forest" plus a butterfly zoo.

Take us antiquing some more!

Does the weight room supply free hand cleaner wipes like grocery stores do?

Life's a Beach! said...

Drego,according to Craig, the weight room does supply cleaning wipes. We were scheduled to go this morning by Craig, but took a long walk instead. Shopping for refrigerators, leather sofas, and window coverings must take priority at this point!

Emily, Tucson has much more artistic flair and natural beauty than Phoenix, and much cleaner air. That being said, neighbors in Phoenix were aghast when we told them we were moving here. Ha!