Thursday, July 25, 2013

Desperately Seeking Sofas

Today's search for sofas was once again a bust, but I did find a great colonial style credenza/console I can use for an entertainment center last night.  One errand completed!

In between running around to furniture stores in pursuit of a leather sofa (everything I've seen so far looks like they've blown it up with an air hose) and lunch, I wedged in a trip to Zocalo, a gorgeous Tucson shop that carries artisan goods from Mexico and Guatemala.

The prices are fairly horrendous compared to what you'd pay SOB, but I guess if you subtract the airfare, it all comes out in the wash.

It rained off and on all day.  No wonder all the flowers look so beautiful in this area.

A lion and Talavera urn guard the entrance to the shop.

Now I know where to find couch pillows!

This coffee table made from reclaimed wood was interesting.  Hmmmmm.

 Love this hand-painted wooden bowl.

Wonder if there's a special name for this pineapple pottery?



I've never seen an ottoman made from Guatemalan embroidered fabric.

Calling all saints!  If I ever need one, I know where to go.  Too bad nice looking leather sofas (that don't look like the Michelin Man) aren't that easy to find in Tucson. 


Ann said...

Some beautiful items in that store! And the flowers in photo #2--I think I have them growing in a 1/2 whiskey barrel here! Wonderful as always, Becky!

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, I think they're vinca. I didn't bother planting any this year since I knew we were leaving. Flowers seem to do much better in Tucson, so I look forward to gardening again!

Babs said...

Love the ottoman. Great idea. The problem is none of that fabric is colorfast and fades so easily.
The pineapples are made in one village in the State of Michoacan.
In fact 99% of what you photographed is available either 45 minutes from SMA or 3 hours near Patzcuaro.
I would probably faint at what they are charging for the pineapples. They are less then $50 USD here........Leather sofa. I promise I'm going back in my notes to get that name of that shop......this weekend.

Babs said...

Went on the Tucson yellow pages to see if any of the importers names were familiar (last time I was in Tucson was 1999) while designing the hotel.
Nothing.....BUT, Borderlands Furniture store had equipale and all kinds of stuff from the Guadalajara area.
There were many stores. You might let your fingers do the walking and call a few.........good luck

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks Babs! I'm going to look up Borderlands right now. I can't remember the prices on the pineapples, but it was way over $50. I think the Guatemalan ottoman was somewhere around $695. Looks gorgeous, but sounds like a bad idea! We found the credenza for the entertainment center and the upholstered furniture for the living room. We vow to buy a refrigerator, water softener, and vacuum cleaner tomorrow in one fell swoop so we can sit around the pool for a few days!