Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Quickly Approaching Crazy

We're quickly approaching crazy after almost three weeks of running around accomplishing very little.  Living room furniture -- check.  Refrigerator -- check.  Electricity, gas, water, trash, and internet/cable -- check.  Just when we were beginning to feel smug, I looked up at the ceiling in the house and realized -- no lights!  Say what?

We bought a spec and the builder doesn't install light fixtures.  That's a new one!  Instead of relaxing at the pool this morning, we're headed to a lighting store to pick out chandeliers and fans and see if we can get them installed in a week!  I had visions of taking my time looking for handcrafted wrought iron chandeliers from Mexico to replace the builder's plain Jane's -- but it's dark in there!

And then there's window coverings . . . .  

Friday, I swear we're going to take a one day break from the madness and drive to Bisbee for lunch and some fun before the moving in starts next week.

I finally charged my camera yesterday and found some forgotten photos from the trip to Tubac last week.

 Would love one of these in my courtyard.

They did a celeb cigar painting and left out  Bill Clinton?!!!

Cute little fountain.  That's still on my list of things to buy.  (Although I hear from the neighbors that water features attract packrats.)

Kansas has the world's largest ball of twine.  Wonder if this is the largest wind chime?

Howdy pardner.

After the week I've been having, I just want to say -- what an ass!  (Especially to the woman at Home Depot who didn't know you need to divide inches by 144 to get square feet.)

We have the walk through on the new house today.  We're a little stressed about a couple of items.  I'd rather be . . . . 

Wish I could click my heels and everything, including me, would be moved into the new house, unpacked, and DONE!

Craig's a different story.  He's anxiously awaiting Monday evening.  He's been told the rule breakers put their trash cans out early the night before pickup on Tuesday morning.  He'll be there with binoculars waiting to see the little piggies ransacking cans.  Monday night equals javelina sightings.   

It's the little things in life!


Babs said...

I WISH I could load up a truck and bring stuff to you. IF it were winter time I might, but my little butt (well not so little) is not heading north in that heat.
Hang in there - this time next year it will all be perfect!

Lynda Bogart Stilley said...

I feel your stress! But those beautiful pics and some Isla memories make life easier. Soon this whole moving process will be a memory. Good luck!

Ann said...

Make sure you take the day off to go to Bisbee---selfishly I can't wait for the photos! Love when you go to these interesting towns!

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks everyone. We're feeling better after our walk through today. We also went to happy hour tonight and met a lot of neighbors. Life is good!

Life's a Beach! said...

And we are going to Bisbee on Friday! Time for a break!

Life's a Beach! said...

Didn't get to Bisbee yet because of monsoonal storms. Soon!