Sunday, December 30, 2012

Door Angst!

Deep thoughts, probably because I couldn't sleep last night.  I return home with photos of all these doors, yet I've entered few to none of them.  Perhaps the title of this post should be Doorways Not Chosen.  Does it signal a lack of adventure, a failure to speak the language and breach the cultural divide, or just that I'm hesitant to break rules and be impolite?  Or maybe I'm just over thinking it.   Next trip I vow to explore more and enter a few local doorways.

We have dropped our laundry here, but I've never entered the inner sanctum.

Butterflies are free.

A door on a side street off the malecon.  I think I finally got this one straight!

Donde?  I do not know.

A much photographed island door.  I must have been taken this on one of the many cool days because the little white dog isn't peeking under the door.

This door opens to a shop that sells books and they may have voted for Josefina.  I must be clairvoyant.

Never noticed this door until it was closed.  It's the kitchen door at the former Playa del Sol.

A bright cheery yellow door against a bright purple wall!

Another old favorite.  I never noticed the door or windows open on this trip.  There are usually colorful curtains billowing out that window.

Ommmmmmmm.  I wonder if this door will open for business again?

I noticed an older woman in the street very upset with me after I took this photo. I guess locals tire of tourists lurking in the shadows taking photos of doors.

I have entered this doorway a few times, but never found a souvenir I wanted badly enough to bargain.  I'm ashamed to admit it, but I rarely enter shops now.  Bargaining is just not my nature, nor do I want to pay an astronomical amount because of my reluctance to enter the fray.  I'm definitely culturally challenged.

Lo Lo Lorena's pretty blue door.

A door for people of short stature.

Juarez door across from the Navy base.

Door on the zocalo. 

Casa El Pio's door.  I really should poke my head in here sometime and check out rooms, but they always seem to be booked up online.

A friend once told me that a well-known maletero lives here.  Sometimes the trike is parked in front.

Ave. Juarez 17 could use a facelift.

Love this door with the Mexican blanket curtain.

Colorful Juarez doorway.  (What's that X about?)

Medina shop doors I haven't seen open for years.  Evidently someone lives there since the window's open.

Lesson learned?  Maybe I should walk through a few more doors instead of lurking on the street.  Or take photos of doors I walk through?  But I'm guessing I only walk through open doors!  I have a headache from deep thoughts.  Pass the ibuprofen!


Gypsy Boho said...

I love photos of doors especially colorful ones like these.

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks Gypsy!

beentravelin said...

I have often thought of taking door pictures when I'm on Isla. Very intriguing. Thanks for sharing!

Nancy said...

Those were beautiful and different than some other photos I've seen. And I recognized a few. I loved the cocina one. I would put that picture in my kitchen. Also, I would love to try some of that delicious posole from the restaurant, but not if she's a grump. And I am the same as you about shops. I don't enjoy bargaining and sometimes I just don't feel up to the challenge.