Friday, December 21, 2012

La Lomita

It's not a good trip to Isla Mujeres if we don't eat at La Lomita at least once!  So one evening in November, we climbed up the hill on Juarez for our fix of authentic Mexican food.

I really need to get a photo of La Lomita's waiter some trip.  He's quite a character.

Sometimes when we pass La Lomita, I feel badly because the tables are empty.  All the tables inside were filled when we arrived, so we took one of the available tables on the street out front.

I noticed this cute shuttered window inside, so after the tables inside cleared, I stepped in to take a few photos.

I can't say I'd ever been inside because it's usually very warm, so I was surprised at the quaint brightly decorated interior.

Now I'm wondering why I didn't get a photo of Craig's plate?  The enchilada suizas, as always, were decadent and wonderful.  I'd like to say we split them, but I distinctly remember him ordering a burrito in his quest to find the best burrito on the island.  (Poc Chuc at the mercado is still number one in his book.)  La Lomita's also started including soup with dinner.  It was good, but really, I didn't eat more than a few spoonfuls before the main course showed up.

Once again, Craig's ride came down the street, so we knew it was time to flee.  : )  Actually, as we were getting up, one of my readers came up to the table.  Hi Helen!  I'm always shocked when someone recognizes me, especially since my photo's basically now half my face in sunglasses. Craig says I look like I'm in the Witness Protection Program.  I think Helen actually recognized Craig since I don't hesitate to post his photos.  It was great meeting her and making a new Isla friend!

After paying the bill, we walked down Juarez and took a swing through the zocalo on our way home.  One of these trips, we should try dinner there.  My street food consumption has so far been limited to churros and marquesitas, with an occasional flan in the early years.  We did notice the flan/cake lady at the bottom of the hill on Juarez is once again selling her sweets out of a glass case in front of her house.  Some friends bought flan and cake from her on our way home from Cafe Havana another night.

I apologize for being an infrequent poster the past week.  (And I need to apologize to all my friends and relatives for the Christmas cards that are still sitting on the kitchen counter.)  Both Craig and I have been consumed with medical procedures lately.  Hopefully soon we'll be done with it and back on the road to Wellsville.  I hate it when I don't have my next beach trip planned!


Ann said...

You're posting more often than me!Hope you are both on the road to recovery ( I think I just wrote that on my blog)

Jan said...

I've been missing you, hope you and Craig are doing OK now! Love the pic from the square, anxious to be there again (6 more weeks).

Anonymous said...

Love this post! It was so great to get to meet you and then run into you a lot. I'm on the island right now and except for the downpour I got caught in tonight and the trouble at JAX its been a picture perfect visit in paradise. Wish you were here and hope you will be feeling well enough to be back on a bike very soon!! Please say hello to Craig for me and Happy New Year to you both. Helen

Life's a Beach! said...

Helen, I'm so jealous, but glad you're having a fabulous time on the island! I'm totally recovered, but now Craig's healing from a surgery Friday. Jan, it went well. Hope to be back on the island sometime in the near future! Ann, so sorry to hear about Rafe. Thinking of you!