Thursday, December 6, 2012

Isla Pinks and Blues

Starfish and shell wind chimes for sale on the blue malecon wall.

Bottle on the stoop outside Tiny's Bar.

Blue Cuban tiles.

Interesting casa entrance on Juarez.  It's looked abandoned for as long as I can remember, but someone must refresh the paint job.

Surprised this island buggy isn't made of recycled plastic and designed to float.  : )

Walking the beach with mom.

Concrete inlay under the fish arch.

Casa across from the mercado.

I've always loved this old blue ornamental security panel on one of the side streets.

Another interesting Juarez casa with a pink-checked exterior.  Love the swans!.

Remember when!

Pink part of a Las Palmas mural.

Best blue of all -- the sea.


Janet said...

Lovely pictures, as usual Becky! Thank you.

krisla said...

mmmm ---yummy
all so refreshing & familiar...
nice collection....thanks.

Nancy said...

Gorgeous and again it shows your awesome eye for a great photo.