Friday, September 28, 2012

Speaking of the Hula

Before the hula hoop was invented, the fellas on base at Pearl Harbor back in 1944 evidently made their own fun  posing in grass hula skirts.    This guy (Robert) looks quite dapper in his skirt with regulation shoes and socks!

That's my dad on the sidebar in his skirt and lei with the cigarette hanging out of his mouth, but I think Robert definitely wins this Friday's men in grass skirt's competition!  


Lynda said...

Too much fun. My goodness they were both skinny guys .... didn't the navy feed them? I think my dad was called "Soda Biscuit A**" for the same reason. No meat on his bones. And he was in the RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force.

stillhowlyn said...

Finally getting caught up on my blogs; well not my own, but hopefully soon. Lucky you in Isla Mujeres..haven't been for far too long. Remember having to wait on the ferry, which was delayed because a PU truck drove into the water, trying to get off the ferry too fast!

drgeoo said...

I recall in the 1950's the big debate was whether it was Manly to wear bermuda shorts. My dad donned some quickly because he had been stationed in Hawaii too--and knew everybody in the military wore shorts in Hawaii.

And who knew how hard it would become to pry me away from my shorts and flip flops?