Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Craig and Becky Do Vegetarian

While looking for places to eat in Bisbee on Trip Advisor, I noticed reviews on a little restaurant called Poco.   People gushed about the food, but oops -- it was vegetarian.  Visions of tofu danced in my head.  I don't do tofu.  Reading further, I noticed raves from non-vegetarians.   Hmmmmmm.   Since we'd pretty much run through the list of restaurants in Bisbee by Day 4, we decided to give it a try.

To get to Poco, you turn down Peddler's Alley just off Main Street.  And yes, there are some people peddling their wares at tables in the alley.

Cute little Poco is towards the back with indoor and outdoor seating.

We chose a table inside since the cute little outside courtyard was getting pelted by raindrops.

Craig ordered the nachos, and I chose a salad.  And I of course, ate a lot of his nachos!  That's my trick.  Order a salad because I'm always on a diet, then eat his food!

I have no clue what the magic ingredients were in the sauce on these nachos, but it tasted fabulous and was in no way related to the nasty cheese some places squirt from a pump.  All I can say is WOW!

My salad was also extremely tasty with loads of chopped organic veggies, sunflower seeds, and a homemade dressing.

We liked Poco's vegetarian food so much, we made plans to return that evening to try the burritos.  But alas, the monsoonal skies opened up later in the day with a monumental display of lightning and pouring rain that lasted for hours, so we were stuck with carryout pizza. 

Next trip to Bisbee, we'll be repeat customers!


Ann said...

Both dishes look scrumptious!

Drgeo said...

Poor shingle faced Craig! It can really hurt! There is a vaccine for anybody who had chicken pox as a kid, but somehow it is really expensive AND not covered by insurance . So he must now suffer with an aching face and no jeans to keep him warm. This definitely calls for round the clock nursing care, beer PRN, and plenty of TV sports. If pain continues, soak in tequila. And no chores for a week! Although I'm not really a doctor, I just play one online.

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, I wish we had a restaurant like Poco close to us! Drgeo, it's unfortunate that it's expensive and not covered by insurance, but that seems to be par for the course now. We pay a fortune for insurance that doesn't cover anything. Too bad he can't drink with the medication!