Monday, September 24, 2012

Same Time Last Year

We are landlocked!  We had planned on being at a little beach cottage north of San Diego this last week in September relaxing to the sound of the waves.  We changed our minds in favor of a longer trip to the Riviera Maya and Isla Mujeres later in the fall.  I'm so glad we did because shingles and fun in the sun might not be a great combo.  Craig's definitely on the mend, but still needs pain pills and is trying to limit sun exposure until he's healed.

We spent this weekend playing whack a wasp in the backyard.  We'd search out wasp nests by spraying shrubs with water, then run like hell back into the house.  So far, we've used up more than 10 cans of wasp killer.  The original plan was to have our exterminator just take care of the problem on his quarterly visit, but that man took one look in the backyard and recommended one of the Africanized bee outfits that charges the equivalent of an air fare to paradise.  Sorry, I vote for the tropics, so we decided to go commando. 

One morning, I woke at the crack of dawn to the sound of the electric hedge trimmer in the backyard.  Craig was out there with the device duct taped in the permanently on position to the end of the pool pole taking out a lantana.   I guess there really is a purpose for the chain saw on a stick from Costco.  Spray.  Run like hell.  Tear out the nests.  And spray some more.  And scream at Craig for spraying poison towards me in the pool in his overzealous effort to kill every last wasp he saw.

So this morning I'm dreaming about same time last year when we were on Anna Maria Island in Florida.  I'll just fill the blog page with memories of a September trip to the beach.  Maybe I'll shut my eyes while I'm floating in the pool and play like I'm in saltwater.  (But I don't recall ever being buzzed by a wasp while in the ocean.)


Ann said...

They are wonderful shots & memories!

drgeo said...

We can buy Landshark at Walmart. It also cures wasp stings.

Life's a Beach! said...

drgeo, I think Craig bought a case of Landshark at Costco! I need to post my show and tell photos of the nests.

Ann, I'd go back again in a heartbeat, especially if we were in driving distance. One of these days!