Thursday, April 12, 2012

San Pedro Dis n Dat

I'm still sorting through my Ambergris Caye photos trying to figure out what ones I've posted. I should really get organized!  I found another photo-editing site that's very similar to --  Possibly related?  Picmonkey has many of the same features as Picnik along with some added extras, and so far, it's all free.  Make hay while the sun shines!

Here's a little bit of dis and a lot of dat from San Pedro Town.

Mattress on Middle Street.

The guard gate.

Dixie's Shake

Political parade.

Lucy's Deli

Bald tires.

San Pedro club.

Little burger stand.

Speedy drink delivery.


Ann said...

Love all the photos! great filter you chose for them!

drgeo said...

Did you wear your Catwoman suit to the Jaguar Club?

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, there are a lot of interesting options. I think some of them are just Picnik filters that have been renamed, but some are new.

Drgeo, we were never in town late enough to see the nightlife. (That's sad. Ha!)

Allan Baxter said...

Nice images and interesting filters. I just finished a tour of southern Belize and now am spending my time at the computer organizing the images collection.

Life's a Beach! said...

Allan, my laptop actually crashed three weeks ago, so I'm trying to retrieve my Belize photos from the flash drive and netbook. I'm missing a few days and can't figure out why. I'm temporarily sharing my husband's laptop, so I'm totally discombobulated. Hope you're enjoying your travels! Sounds wonderful!

Allan Baxter said...

I lost a day of shooting due to my tablet mis-labelling the file names on importing from the camera. In my attempt to correct the problem I ended up deleting the files. Lesson learned: read the instructions carefully (twice) and keep my fingers away from the delete button.