Monday, April 30, 2012

It's Palo Verde Time.

Substitute It's Palo Verde Time for It's Howdy Doody Time.  That's the jingle that's been running through my mind all weekend long. 

Unfortunately, Craig wishes it was Miller Time instead!  The palo verde trees are in bloom.  I love the look of them, but the tiny little yellow petals that litter the pool, Saby, and everything in our backyard drive Craig insane.   The trees are actually on the other side of our back wall in the park/greenspace behind us, so at least he doesn't have to trim them.

We gardened this weekend, whacking back the tropical plants that we planted all over our yard.  Every time we do that job, we suffer from buyers' remorse.  What were we thinking when we landscaped this house?

If we'd planted these all over our yard, we could set the irrigation taps to water once a week and forget the gardening.  Maybe next house? 


drgeo said...

Shouldn't you organize the palo verde blooms by size and shape on Pinterest? You can leave them just lying around in the yard helter skelter? Just a thought.

Ann said...

Very pretty! I new stuff coming up this ( you'll be seeing it as it blooms) and it's exciting!

Ann said...

should say I have new stuff

Life's a Beach! said...

drgeo, LOL. I don't have a category for blooms yet, but I do have Bugs. Ann, can't wait to see!