Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kick the Can

On the day after Craig's mom's funeral, the family gathered at her apartment to do what all families must do -- divide up her personal belongings. I decided to stay in the background since I'm an in-law. But I had seen a little coffee can in the kitchen pantry that interested me. It was an old Dillon's coffee tin -- probably dating back to the 50's or 60's. Not anything valuable, but I thought it was cute. So I waited to see what the family would do with it.

When they started to kick the can to the curb -- pitch it along with the nails and screws it contained -- I stepped forward. Sold! I'll take it! They all just thought it was SO funny that I would want that old empty coffee can. I was the butt of their jokes for the rest of the day. But here it is sitting on top an old scale above my kitchen cabinets. Right where it always belonged!


Sue said...

You know what 'they' say - "one man's trash is another man's treasure", or something long those lines. It does look like it belongs. Glad you got it!

Bennie said...

I think it's cool too. I have an old coffee box above my fridge at home.

Life's a Beach! said...

Sue, I have a lot of other men's trash in my house! :) I need to rent a booth in an antique store one of these days and get rid of some of it! Bennie, I'm still finding old stuff in my garage that never made it into the house when we moved. I'm a junker/antiquer.