Monday, March 20, 2017

Walking on Water: Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres

Some people love to sunbathe.  Us -- not so much.  Our favorite past time at the beach is water walking.  We love to take the plunge and walk from one end of Playa Norte to the other out by the buoy line.  We found out February water temps are slightly chillier than November/December -- probably in the high 70's -- but still very doable.  By March, the water was wonderful and warming up!

He used to hate going to Playa Norte, but like me, just loves to get in and walk.  It's good exercise!

Small pangas drop sightseers and snorkelers just beyond the buoy line towards the eastern side of Playa Norte. 

One of the smaller Albatross boats drops anchor just beyond the buoys so daytrippers can enjoy Playa Norte.

The Punta Sam car ferry crosses the northern tip of the island on its way to the dock.

Fenix Beach Club by the Mia bridge.

This guy makes it look so easy!
Happy Monday!  I've been back four days now and have almost recovered from jet lag.  Hope 2017's treating everyone well!

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