Thursday, March 30, 2017


Sometimes you just happen to be in the right place at the right time!  Here are some serendipitous moments from our February/March trip.

By the way, I translated serendipity to Spanish and serendipia popped up.  Acquiring a new Spanish word never hurts!

We were at Bally Hoo for a late breakfast and noticed a small panga come ashore with their fresh catch.  The lobsters were plopped into an ice-filled cooler and within minutes the fishermen were inside Bally Hoo and the manager was picking the ones he wanted.  (And yes, this was in February during the legal lobster season.)

Another February morning I was out early and just happened to catch the sun peeking through the mermaid.

During the two hours when we were waiting for a Carnaval parade to begin, this guy was rockin' it with some ladies dancing in front of Mininos!

Another day after lunch, I caught these little boys on the boat.

One evening, I remembered I wanted a photo of the new Isla Mujeres sign on the malecon when it was lit.  People love to pose with the sign, and this happened while I was waiting my turn.  Perfect!

Serendipity = a fortunate happenstance, a pleasant surprise.  I'll take it!

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