Sunday, December 11, 2016

Luna Turquesa -- Our Heaven Away from Home

It's been soooo long since I posted on this blog -- I forgot my password.  I was recently on the island and reminded a few times that some people actually did read this blog!  That gave me a little motivation to continue.

I'm headed into a very busy time, but I'd love to post some photos from my month on Isla Mujeres in November/December.

Once again, we stayed at our favorite location on the island -- Casa Luna Turquesa.  This casa gets better and better with each year.  The inside's beautiful and well-maintained, and the location and views are spectacular!

We wake up most mornings from our oceanfront perch in the upper studio to a beautiful sunrise!

Beam me up!

This one seems biblical!

It's all about the rays!

And beautiful ribbons of orange and yellow in the sky!
As the day progresses, the beach and sea evolve into a pastel landscape.  Almost Monet-esque!
Most days, I take a mid-afternoon stroll at the shoreline to add to my display of sea treasures.  That's a washed up perfume bottle in the middle filled with tiny tidbits of seaglass.
Evening approaches and the coastline becomes even more spectacular.  The view extends all the way to the northern tip of the island.  That pink building in the distance is the Mia Reef!
For those not familiar with the island, the house sits towards the southern end of an area referred to as the airport strip, easily walkable to town and direct oceanfront.  The airport referred to in the location is a small former seldom-used Navy airstrip.  When a helicopter or small plane lands, it's an event.  The strip is an area of beautiful oceanfront homes beginning at the southern end of the Navy base on the eastern side of the island.
Sometimes I hesitate to post about my little slice of heaven, but I hate being selfish.  The listing can be found on VRBO, and can also be rented through Isla Beckons.  Those two links contain professional photos of the casa and rental information.
I also want to mention Lynda Lock's new adventure novel set on Isla Mujeres, Treasure Isla!  It's available at that link as a download!    It's a great fun beach read.  For those who vacation or live on the island, you will love it!  Lynda weaves a lot of Isla Mujeres history and facts into the mystery adventure, and my little friend Sparky with his acute sniffer has a leading role in this novel!  Lynda's blog Notes from Paradise is also listed on the sidebar here.
I'm back, but soon off to the Pacific Northwest for Christmas!  Hopefully I can wedge in some quick posts of new Isla photos while I travel!
Feliz Navidad to everyone!


Linda said...

Glad to see you blogging again! Always great!

Emily said...

Always enjoy your photos and commentary. Glad you made it back to Isla and look forward to more beautiful photos. Also thank you for sharing the place you rent. I will check it out and dream!

drgeo said...

What, did Sparky request no photos to protect his privacy?

Lynda & Lawrie said...

Are you kidding? Sparky trying to protect his privacy?Sparky is a ham for cameras. Cheers Sparky's Servant.

Kim Wood 408 said...

I always enjoy your photos on Facebook, but it's even better to see them on your blog! Happy you're blogging again. I miss Isla a little less when I can see the island thru your eye.

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks everyone!!!