Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I Miss the Village!

The struggle is real.  I'm missing the village.

I miss the convenience of walking into town, plunking down in a chair overlooking the street at Mogagua, and ordering my 60 peso fruit plate with yogurt and granola for breakfast. 

Afterwards I stroll around El Centro.
Matamoras always seems to be festooned with street banners.  Locals must have a lot of fiestas on this street! 

Evidently I'm not alone in my love of people watching.  These giraffes stand on the curb everyday watching humans pass by.

A lone chair waits on the sidewalk on Juarez.  I imagine someone else watches the village pass by from that perch.

I photographed this woman strolling down Hidalgo decked out in local finery on one of my morning walks.

December's a special time of year on the island with Catholic confirmations and first communions for boys and girls.  This pretty young girl and family were walking down Hidalgo after a ceremony at the church.

It's always fun to spot Senor Queso Oaxaca walking the streets selling his cheese.

On this November morning walk, I noticed a mural painter with a work in progress.

Another morning I heard laughter above me and looked up to see men building a palapa.

Sometimes we're joined by furry friends on our morning walks.

Mary, from her position atop the church in the zocalo, occupies the ultimate people-watching perch.  I guess I'm in good company with my daily habit!


Ann said...

Trying again to post a comment! Love all your photos... can't wait to be taking some of my own! See you soon!

Babs said...

It's great to be on vacation! I love to do all those things when I'm at the beach, but here in San Miguel there are always a zillions things to take care of - order gas for the house, call the water man, make sure all the utlities are paid etc etc etc. I can hardly wait to get to the beach for Jan/Feb and have no cares and leave everything to the maid and gardener to take care of here. Love your photos.