Friday, December 25, 2015

Yo Ho Ho and a Merry Christmas!

Everyone's gotten in the Christmas groove around here.  We're kind of wishing Santa would bring us one of those little Christmas trees made out of cut Salva Vida beer cans or the Honduran flag hat with little Christmas lights flashing on the front.  Evidently fireworks are part of the Roatan celebration because even up here in the hills, we've been hearing little blasts all night long for the last four or five days.
Love these beautiful bulbs on a tropical tree in West End.

This Christmas tree's dedicated to Captain Morgan and many other booze varietals.

This kitty's napping until Santa shows up, but I think that may be him at the table behind her!

Nothing says Peace like the blue and green lights on this palm at sunset!

This almost looks like a gingerbread house!

Also love these painted carvings in Santa hats!

These over the water luminaries are very festive.

But the Booty Bar wins the Christmas lights prize!   Aaaargh.
I keep seeing Santa's sleigh in West End, but he forgot to visit us last night.  If I see the guy with the beer can Christmas tree in West End when we're having our Christmas dinner this afternoon, I'll just buy it myself!
Merry Christmas to all!  Best wishes for a wonderful 2016!

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