Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wednesday's West End Plan

We were on a mission today.  Laundry, snorkeling, and a good lunch!  Once again, we flagged down a water taxi at the dock below and headed to West End.  I do love my taxi rides!
We'd spotted this laundry in West End last week, and Craig was out of shorts and t-shirts.  The laundry just happens to back out onto Half Moon Bay in the snorkeling cove.

After dropping the laundry, we realized there were beach loungers next door at Dix which are free with food and drink.  We were also able to store our backpacks and valuables behind the bar while we snorkeled.

The cove was quiet with a few kayakers as we settled in on the loungers and ordered a drink.

We thought we were a bit off the beaten path, but soon the masses arrived.  With the holidays, the taxi driver on our way home tonight said there were at least 14,000 people in port.  The yellow vests out in the bay are cruisers on a snorkel tour.

We entertained ourselves watching novices do the flipper feet walk down the beach fully decked out in fins, masks, and snorkels.  After noticing several fall and struggle, our waiter intervened to tell this guy that he had the wrong end of his snorkel in his mouth and needed to back into the water.  Marco spoiled our fun (but the guy still fell on his rear trying to back in)!

We decided to eat first and let the tours clear before we snorkeled.  The food was great.  I ordered mahi mahi fish tacos. 

And Craig ate the sea bass fish sandwich.
Soon we noticed all the tours were gone from the bay and we donned our equipment and swam out around the rocks.

After a snorkel out to the edge of the cove, we picked up our clean laundry (smells like Ariel), boarded another water taxi, and were soon headed back up the hill.
The neighborhood greeter was waiting and walked us all the way up!  He's such a cutie!


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