Monday, September 14, 2015

The Dry Dock Blues

I've got dry dock blues.  I'm dreaming palapa bars, Cuban music, scenic boats and beaches -- even mojitos (which taste like a margarita with a mint sprig when I order them here in Arizona). I've got another three months before I step foot on an island again. 

I wish Costco sold jugs of ready made Mojitos!


Babs said...

I'll be at the beach for January and February, but on the Pacific side. So looking forward to it............some day, maybe, I'll get to Isla, but I'm not a crowded beach town kinda person - more of an empty, secluded beach not sure I would fit in.....

Love your photos!

Life's a Beach! said...

Barbara, the last two trips Playa Norte's been way too crowded. It was packed in January/February. I've even heard that September (formerly known as the hungry month) has had plenty of visitors. I'm with you. We like a quiet beach. Glad you're getting a winter beach break!