Monday, September 28, 2015


Today I discovered a unique filter in a photo-editing program.  It's the Kaleidoscope effect.  

I simply uploaded photos taken on my last trip to Isla Mujeres in June/July and clicked.  Pretty wild!  I should make readers guess what each photo is, but I'll just spill the beans.

A beach sunset photo.

A photo of a painting.
The inner tube painted with Coco Frios that hangs on the beach across from Guadalupana.
A friend's palapa balcony.

A panga parked at the dock by Bally Hoo.

The brightly painted chapel and wall along Medina in La Gloria.

This one's a favorite!  It's the palms along Playa Norte in front of Maria del Mar where I park my beach chair.  Love!
Some people get addicted to Candy Crush.  I'm addicted to photo editing!  Some of these may end up on my living room walls.


Janet said...

These are so cool Becky!! Thanks for sharing! We'll be in Yuma next week for several days, getting cooler here so ready for that last blast of heat!

Lynda & Lawrie said...

Fun stuff. I might try a few myself. Cheers L

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks Janet and Lynda! Janet, have fun in Yuma! It's supposed to be cooler here next week, but still warm.

Ann said...

This is so cool! What program is it in?