Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Saturday P Update

I think I'm at the eight week mark now with this gift and yes, my symptoms are still like a Nyquil commercial.  Add no energy whatsoever and little sores all over my mouth. (Those are probably caused by the big-assed inhaler.)

I actually went to a Kohl's store a week ago because I feared my credit card might expire from lack of use. That or I would miss the last call to buy summer clothes on sale for my next tropical trip.  Yes, I live in Arizona, but they don't sell shorts and tank tops year round.  Anyway, I felt like a 100-year old woman -- wheezing, hufffing, puffing, having to sit down and rest, etc...  Shopping is HIGHLY overrated!

While I originally poo-poo-ed pleurisy because it sounded like an old timey illness out of a Jane Austen book, I now realize my doctor was dead on with that diagnosis.  The crippling knife shooting pains in the upper back are still there and much more noticeable now. Especially if I'm in one of my pity pot moods and actually cry, which brings on the pain. Crying is also HIGHLY overrated!

My favorite ex-pro baseball player from the Dominican Republic who just happens to now be an expert granite installer was in my house on Thursday.  He looked at me and said -- you must have chikungunya.  

I laughed.  That Fausto is so funny!  We love to talk baseball with him because he's friends with Omar Vizquel, who once wrecked his Porsche at the bottom of our street in Bellevue, Washington.  Fausto also used to live in the Seattle area when he played semi-pro ball and his father-in-law is a Hall of Famer, but that name escapes my addled mind.   I also love listening to his Caribbean accent.

Anyway, Fausto explained he'd just been back to the Dominican to visit family and many of them are suffering from chikungunya.  Craig and I chuckled after he left, but I started trying to remember what he'd told me so I could tell my doctor about it next week.  I'm grasping for answers now!  We both thought he said something like chiknpoule.  Sounded like a thin chicken gumbo soup. I finally googled chicken flu in Dominican Republic this morning and found chikungunya.  I'm positive I don't have that, but it's a dengue type mosquito borne illness that has actually shown up in Arizona this summer because our mosquitos just happen to be the same.  I really should just tell Fausto to stop by for a Coke Zero whenever he's in the neighborhood because I learn a lot from that man.  And he keeps us both laughing!  

If you've read my rambling update, I suppose I should reward you with some bonus photos from Isla Mujeres!  Ding ding ding!  Here's some Saturday scenes from Hidalgo!

Never tried this place, but there must be a joke to the man(nequin) behind the menu board.

Men hangin' at the beer store.

Vivian's Qubano cats waiting ever so patiently for her to serve their lunch.

Vendor riding down Hidalgo.

A look down the hallway to the tortilleria on Hidalgo.

The corner store.

The Jeep Bakery by the cemetery wall.

Sunset where Hidalgo meets the sea.


Babs said...

Love the photos, don't love the fact that you are still ill! I'd go see an infectious disease doctor if I were you. It can't be dengue cause it doesn't last that long...I know. Dengue is prevalent in Mexico, though.

Life's a Beach! said...

I'm sure it's not dengue. I'm headed to the doctor this week for tests. Hopefully, they'll find something because I'm so over this.

Karen Heath said...

So sorry to hear your still sick, I was wondering since no post for quite some time! Hope your doc gets it figured out and your on the mend soon. I'm counting down the days till I'm back on Isla, Sept. 11 if only for 3 or 4 day then heading to Akumal area. As always loving your pics and updates! take care.
Karen in OH

Life's a Beach! said...

Glad you're getting out of here Karen! We really enjoyed the Akumal area a couple of years ago. The latest is that I was finally scheduled for a chest CT scan this morning to try and see what's going on in my lungs. The hospital called yesterday afternoon and cancelled it because Cigna denied the procedure. Their fake doctors who certify and deny refused the CT scan. We called to lodge a formal complaint this morning and got the fabulous run around. Their fake doctors deny that both my doctor and his medical assistant called them twice yesterday afternoon and gave them all the info on drugs and procedures they've tried in the past 8 weeks that would justify the CT scan. Can't wait to be 65 when we'll be on Medicare and won't have to rely on these greedy corporate insurance thieves being in charge of our healthcare.

Joel said...

Hey, I had a great time reading your website. Do you have an email address that I can contact you on? Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.



Lynda Bogart Stilley said...

Just going through your last few blog posts..dear God! These persistent P's need to piss-off! Seriously, hope you're better soon.