Saturday, August 30, 2014

Open Doorways

Sorting through photos from our May/June trip to Isla Mujeres, I noticed a lot of open doorways.  I usually snap photos of closed doors!

A peek into the laundry on Juarez -- Tim Pho.  The name sounded Chinese to me until a cabdriver told me Tim Pho's Mayan for laundry.  Was he pulling my leg?

A small tienda on Juarez sells the daily newspapers.

There's a cute little restaurant across from the square now -- Q Bravo.  Their baguette sandwiches are very good!

A glimpse into the mini-super on Juarez across from the Navy base.

This doorway's partially open!

I've never passed the doorway into Hemingway's Cantina (sorry I can never remember the new name).  Maybe I'm leery of that cuidado con el perro sign.

Not a doorway into Cafe Cito, but you could step right through that window!

The view through the open doorway at Poc Na is one of my favorites!

Step right into the corner tienda on Hidalgo to pick up cool drinks for the beach!

Finally after all these years, I caught this door open!  It appears to be a dressmarker's/sewing shop.

Happy Saturday!  Try not to labor too much on Labor Day weekend!


Kay said...

Love your photos. Are you feeling better?

Life's a Beach! said...

Kay, I'm about over the respiratory mystery. All that remains are swollen vocal cords with nodules from 11 weeks of coughing. I'm hoping my croaking improves by October so I don't need a camera stuck up my nose again! Now it's the right knee. I've waited three weeks on an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon and Monday's the big day! I'll get the results of the MRI and hopefully he'll fix it! Pronto! (Wishful thinking.)

Chuck Levin said...

I like your web page. I wish mine was this good.