Wednesday, October 24, 2012

She Sells Seashells Down by the Seashore

Life must be harder than ever now for the vendor who sells seashells down by the sea, especially in tropical destinations where most travelers arrive by plane.  With all the new baggage fees and restrictions, most tourists bypass the big conchs in favor of a small souvenir that can be tucked away into a carry on bag.

 I still have a conch purchased on my first trip to the Gulf of Mexico back in 1958.  (That's my brother and I playing at the beach on that trip in the right margin.)  Back in 2002 on our first trip to Isla Mujeres, I bought two huge conchs from a vendor along Medina and hauled them home.  Once in awhile, I still like to hold one up to my ear to hear the sound of the sea (actually, the sound of blood pulsing through my ear -- LOL).

Remember the magic of holding your ear up to a conch when you were a child? It rates right up there with the first time my parents bought me Mexican jumping beans back in the 1950's on Olvera Street in L.A.  I can't remember the last time I saw Mexican jumping beans!  I bet those wouldn't get through customs!


Ann said...

I always forgo the large conchs when I'm shelling--not that I see too many! I think our next trip I'll have to be much more selective about what I pick up--it will fill my suitcase!

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, I didn't even take home much seaglass last trip. We do check one bag so Craig can travel with the extra snorkel and dive equipment, but I just take a carry on. The fees and fares just keep climbing!

jeanie said...

I like the old eroded conch shells. I'm so used to seeing them like that at Cabanas MDM that the colorful ones look fake or painted.

drgeo said...

Happy Birthday Becky! May your presents be plentiful!
I purchased a jacket with a zillion pockets to avoid baggage fees, but you might wish to buy one only for Craig because they don't breathe very well. I was hot in Scotland, where the heat wave was only 79ยบ. If Craig wears the special jacket, would he become a "pack" mule?