Thursday, October 11, 2012

Random Slow Season Scenes

We discovered Isla Mujeres back in late April 2002 when the island was blissfully peaceful. After a lot of growth and development and a couple of subsequent trips during high season when the island streets were crowded with visitors and traffic, we decided to schedule our Isla trips in low season when it's peacefully slow. Here are some scenes from June 2012.

Dog siesta on Juarez.


Cart vendor headed down Juarez to work.

Local ladies creating their own shade on a hot summer afternoon.

Sunset on Juarez.

Slow morning at the market.

Orange juice man's morning location.

Hidalgo corner store.
Evening at Poc Chuc

Dos Equis delivers.

Slow Hidalgo afternoon.

Dog day afternoon.

Vendor pedaling the empty malecon.

Muy tranquilo Playa Norte day!


Janet said...

Ahhhh...Thanks Becky. Miss the island, especially with cooler weather setting in. The colors here are beautiful, but it's the beginning of not so good weather coming. Hope all is well with the both of you.

Ann said...


Life's a Beach! said...

Janet, it's even getting slightly cooler here! Craig's over the shingles, so we're back to normal.

Thanks Ann!

krisla said...

You have been coming there even longer than we have! Love the photos, & I know what you mean...I love the ease of parking, ease of first rate beach spots, warmer water & no waiting at restaurants. Yes, a lot of benefits of the slow season. nice! -k

Anonymous said...

October is a great month to visit Isla. Once I was on the beach and looked up the beach and down the beach and there was not one other person in sight. Truly amazing. Its usually very quiet Thanksgiving week as well and the weather is perfect. Ah, can't wait. Helen