Monday, March 21, 2011

South End Stroll

Monday was 50's and dreary in Phoenix. Since I'm still working from the sofa, it didn't really matter to me, but the local news leapt on it for their headline story. Spring storm 2011! A quarter inch of rain and a dirtstorm and reporters are interviewing the locals to see how it's affected their lives? Traffic's slow, golfers are sad, and the lunch business is down at the local bakery. Ho hum.

And my thoughts turned to sunny tropical dreams and trying to find some decent airfares for June. Here are some January photos from the southend of Isla Mujeres.

Unik Concierge

In all these years, I've never seen this place!

Southend Gate

Margarita Sunset

Maze of Docks

Los Suenos Ixchel

The current state of the Guadalupana VW bus.

Boat moorage.

Warrior cloaked in vines.

South cemetery.

Iggy's Perch


krisla said...

Those are awesome photos. Thanks!
I know them all :)

Ann said...

Great photos as usual! Love the iguana shot!

Jan said...

Beck, take a tour of Maria Kan Kin sometime, it's interesting! It has an eerie spooky feel to it, very deserted. The tables in the restaurant are all (very nicely) set which I find weird. We looked at 2 rooms this year.....they were zen like and lovely, also smelled musty and unused. There is just a strange vibe to the place!

couzin frank said...

Beck...have not commented lately but read all your posts. Thanks for taking the time to entertain do you like house bound job?

Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks Kris and Ann! Jan, sometime we do need to go down there. January would have been the ideal time since we were staying right down the road. I've noticed their rates listed online are high. Maybe that's why it's vacant. Someone did post photos awhile back of a wedding there.

And Frank, good to hear from you! It's a struggle doing the job from home because it's way too boring without the added stimulation of the workplace. BUT -- the money is better from home, there's no commute, and the time is flexible. It's a mixed bag. Maybe it's harder because Craig, the free man now, is right in front of me! HA!

Gloria said...

Just found your blog today and had to thank you for posting all the beautiful pics and sharing your stories of Isla. I am heading there in May for my 3rd time. This time I will be taking two ladies I work with so I will be the "tour guide" so to speak. Your pictures gave me some great ideas of photos that I can take. I'd love to have that one special photo that I can have blown up and mounted on canvis to display in my home. I, too, always have longing to get back to Isla. Anyway, thanks again for the inspiration!

A Virginia girl!

Anonymous said...

I just love the way you capture the essence of what you photograph!Especially love the "southend gate" pic!!! Can't wait to get to Isla!! Snow today here in CT. :(

Life's a Beach! said...

Gloria, thanks for your comments! I'm still looking for June airfares. Hope to find a sale! Sandy, the weather's good here, but there's no Caribe lapping in my backyard. Can't wait to get back. If it weren't for Saby, Craig and I would probably be headed down for a month on the next trip. Hopefully, we'll have a live-in babysitter in November/December so we can take a long trip!

The Star Gal said...

Now that Snooki has visited the island, I just don't know if it will be the same. :-)