Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dorothy, we're not in Manitoba anymore!

Craig and I are starting to dream about two weeks on Isla towards the end of June. If only the airfares will come down a bit! I got a fare alert on Friday that PHX to CUN had increased by $200 to $800 something roundtrip. Seriously? I looked today and most fares are in the $700's with tax, so something has to give. I guess the airlines don't want the masses to head to Cancun in the summertime.

Most mornings when we were staying at Luna Turquesa and out for our morning stroll, we would run into a Canadian man headed south from the colonias to the beach. One day, he got chatty as we were also walking south. He was incensed that Casa Ixchel had a small sign blocking their sidewalk accessibility ramp. Craig and I looked at each other and scratched our heads. Number one -- the entire island's an obstacle course. Number two -- it's just as bad in Arizona. I know because we ride bikes. My assessment was that maybe the guy expected things in Mexico and on Isla to be exactly as they were at home. Dorothy, we're not in Manitoba anymore!

A few more photos of daily Isla life to prove we're not in Manitoba.

No houses built like seashells back home!

Villa la Bella warrior.

Rustic container garden.

Let's play Straddle. Only step on the blue!

On your way out, watch your step. Oops!

For all the procastinators of the world -- a lingering Christmas. Actually, I just like the pink house with the cool motorcycle in front.

Colorful fabrics amidst dirt tones.

A peak over cemetery walls.

Helados anyone?

Skeletal traffic monitors on Juarez.


Ann said...

Maybe we'll get to see you again! A whole buch of our friends are going the 18th-25th & we're watching the tickets--VERY high! I know we'll end up paying more , but hopefully not double what we pai in Jan.

Life's a Beach! said...

Ann, my plans are to go somewhere in the vicinity of the 22nd and stay for two weeks into early July. Hope we get to see you! I don't think I can stomach paying $700 or more, but if I can find airfare in the vicinity of $500 a ticket, I'll be happy with that.

krisla said...

your pics are just so Isla...
& was just thinking someone should really feature the Shell House again as it is so unique. good luck on tkts.

Life's a Beach! said...

Kris, I just booked tickets this morning! Not cheap, but the price dropped $200 per person in the last few days on a non-stop, so I decided to leap on it. We'll be on Isla the last two weeks in June.