Monday, May 23, 2016

The Best Part of Waking Up . . . .

I used to hunt seaglass every morning on Isla Mujeres.  Since I have a wheelbarrow full of it in my garage at home, I've switched to snapping photos on my morning walks.  I love capturing the island as it wakes up each day.

The morning Coca-Cola delivery to OXXO on Hidalgo.

The fruit and vegetable lady setting up for her morning sales.

This man's carrying at least twenty-one dozen eggs.  That's what I call a tricky delivery!

Navy guys returning from their morning run.
A double tasker strumming the guitar on his morning walk.
Dad with Mini-Me on his shoulders taking a morning stroll down Hidalgo.
Large group headed to Playa Norte on a Sunday morning.
Getting ready for the day in the lobby at Poc Na.
The orange juice man starting his day.
The pan man with a full load to sell.
Vendors sweeping water off Hidalgo after a morning shower.


Emily said...

Thanks for posting all your beautiful photos. You do such a wonderful job of capturing the colors and spirit of Mexico!


Your posts are so fun and helpful. As an expat living in Mexico for the last twenty years I can certainly appreciate your experiences and adventures. Muchas gracias, Laura