Thursday, June 18, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Facebook now features memories from the same day in years past.  How convenient!  Three years in a row, we took summer trips to Isla Mujeres in June.  These photos popped up in my feed today from June 18, 2012!

Our day started with a dramatic sunrise, probably the best one that trip!

It was a Playa Norte day, but I didn't use Chimbo's banos!

The guys were absent from the FeliPez booth, so no bunny ears in this photo!

Here's the evidence we stopped off at Mogagua for a frappucinno post-beach.  Dr. Simi was handing out fliers with the weekly specials.  Can you imagine how hot that outfit is in June?!!!

Later in the day, Craig and I drank refreshing mojitos at El Varadero.  If my memory's correct, we also shared an order of guacamole.

Down the street in the same neighborhood, we spotted the Thing.

Sunset was as dramatic as sunrise.

The day ended with a stroll on the west malecon and a photo of the boat!

Three years later, I'm starting to think about packing.  Maybe I'll drag the suitcase down from the closet shelf today!

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