Sunday, April 26, 2015

Village People, Part Dos

My favorite amusement on Isla Mujeres is people watching.  Here's another round of Village People photos.

These stroller/cars are the rage down there.  Everyday, we'd see this little boy out and about in his Mini on Juarez.  The hat is too cute!

Speedy cake delivery.  Yum!

Taxi drivers waiting for a fare.

Stylin' down Hidalgo on rollerblades.

Winter visitors hanging out at La Tablita (once upon a time Hemingway's) Cantina. We don't usually visit in high season, so I'd never witnessed the afternoon crowd on the porch.

This winter regular was wearing a modified hat this year.  I'm used to seeing his head draped in furs.

This guy delivers on his bike, but I'm not sure what.  Pescado?

Daytrippers have amazing powers to remain upright on boats and docks in these shoes.

The Tuggui man has one of the hardest jobs on the island.  Not only does he pull that heavy cart through sand, he also pushes it to town from the colonias everyday.

Traditionally dressed woman.

Noon rush hour on the street by Poc Na.  How things change!

This vendor was resting with his heavy load of framed prints.  Cows???