Sunday, January 25, 2015

Losing Ground

Technically, that would be sand.  We were shocked at the change in the northwest corner of Playa Norte when we arrived several weeks ago, and each Norte seems to pull more sand away.  Here are some recent photos.

Shades of the old Isla.  Playa del Sol is still abandoned.

See the whales out in the water where the tip of sand used to be?
Water is lapping at Chi Chi's palapa.
This new beach club palapa is also being inundated.
People walking up the beach from Ixchel toward Chi Chi's yesterday afternoon.

In this sunset pic from Ixchel, you can clearly see the whales out in the water where the sand used to be.  Hope the trend doesn't continue on down Playa Norte!
P.S.  The whales I'm referring to aren't the mammal kind! 


Janet said...

Ooohhh..hitting the dislike button. Disturbing. Hopefully it will improve as quickly as it seemed to decline!

Janet said...
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Life's a Beach! said...

Hope so Janet!