Monday, August 5, 2013


I'm feeling a little prickly lately.  

A little discombobulated like a half cracked pot.

More than a little Lupe loopy.  Maybe it's too much Mexican food?

I'll be glad when my mate and I are finally installed in a place we can call home.

Craig's looking forward to playing some golf.  (Yes, that's a golfer topiary in a yard down the street.)

Here's the funny of the day.  This little bit of tacky is installed on a large open lot in a neighborhood below us.  Hope the javelinas, cottontails, deer, bobcats . . . can read?

I get to start playing house again on Wednesday!


Lynda Bogart Stilley said...

Beautiful photos, witty commentary...Great post!

Marla Bainbridg said...

Love the dog photo! Also looks like something Jeff C would like as it is related to dogs and poop. ;) He frequently posts bathroom pics on FB.

sumeet said...

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