Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Chores

Saby can usually be found in the prone position, but she does take her assignment of lizard chasing seriously.

Craig's fitness plan includes trimming trees to keep the peekaboo mountain view.

I've been potting.  Orange mint!

And repotting.  This ponytail fern traded up to a larger home.

Craig also maintains.  These chairs got a new coat of stain.

We spent five hours today huffing and puffing cleaning up frost damage from this winter and working the yucca/aloe farm.  Aloe, yucca, and agave plants all produce babies which can be divided into separate pots.  I purchased one aloe plant and now there are ???  Two original yuccas in the landscaping produced at least 10 large offspring.  And all the agave came from a  baby that crossed the property line from the Bumpuses.  I'm totally out of pots.  

And I'm now de-cluttering.  My collection of garden antiques from my former life in Washington State had consumed one side of the yard.  What looked great in a forest doesn't really gel with the resorty pool look, so I removed all of it except for this old bench, sprinkler, and bucket potted with a cactus.  Next step -- find a dealer who wants to help clean out our garage!   

 I did keep a few old wash pans.  This one became home to succulents divided from other pots.

Craig's back on Raid patrol.  The above pot was full of these paper wasp nests last year, so we're hoping to head off the summer invasion.

Last summer, after the Whack a Wasp game started ruining our pool fun time, we asked the exterminator to get rid of them on his quarterly call.  Ha!  He doesn't do things that fly.  Instead of paying a specialist $350, Craig visited Home Depot and became an expert.  Fifteen cans of Raid later, he had it under control. Unfortunately, the species has homing radar and they're back for more spring and summer fun.

What's on tomorrow's menu?  I'm tired of dividing succulents.

I think I'll paint a bookshelf!


Babs said...

If ya'll want to come to San Miguel, I have a couple of chaises that need painting and some plants that need potting. Ha. I'm determined to get you here some day........

Life's a Beach! said...

One of these days Babs! My feet hurt so bad from yesterday's gardening (weird!) that I had to get up twice in the night and take more ibuprofen. I think I'll do nothing today!

Life's a Beach! said...
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Laurie Matherne said...

Thanks for the chores tour. You made doing chores lok pretty and, even, elegant. Wow.

Joel D said...

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Life's a Beach! said...

Thanks Joel and Laurie. And Laurie, we didn't look too elegant when we were doing the chores!

Emily said...

Beautiful photos -- thanks for sharing!

Ann said...

Can't wait til all our snow is gone so I can start cleaning up the yard & flower beds--I realized a few days ago I never pulled the last of the carrots in my vegetable garden--still covered withalot of snow right now!

Life's a Beach! said...

Emily, hope you're making a quick adjustment to life back in the U.S. I bet you're thrilled with some aspects -- like reasonably priced groceries on the shelves. Although -- I lost weight on Ambergris, so I guess high prices on American junk food might be a good thing!

Ann, wonder if you can use frozen carrots? Or would they be very limp? Our temps hit the mid-90's yesterday, but it's supposed to level back into the 80's today.

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