Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'd Rather Be Looking at Isla Art!

Of course I'd rather be on Isla Mujeres!  And if I was on the island, I'd be attending the Barlito Artist Series later today!  Here are some photos from one in November.  It's a fabulous opportunity to see some unique art, jewelry, and even seaglass!

Sorry I don't have all the artists' names, but I loved everything I saw that evening!

 Gorgeous etchings!

 Handmade tote bags and other textile objects.

Sally Margolis makes gorgeous jewelry.  Some of the pendants are even hand-stamped with Isla!

I bought the heart locket filled with seaglass and some gorgeous beaded earrings.

He's lovin' life and sells seaglass and handmade seaglass art.

Judy sells really unique necklaces and bracelets made from beads, seaglass, and shells.

And look at these paintings!  I love the beach scene!

Handcrafted baskets and lamps!

Very unique mixed medium art!

The artist and her muse.  Once again, I apologize for not knowing names.

If you're on the island between 4:30 and 6:30 tonight, wander down Hidalgo to Barlito and take in the show!  It's a don't miss!


Ann said...

Beautiful things! Last year when we were on Isla there was one of these gatherings & I stopped by quickly. Didn't buy anything, but I see several things I would get now! Hopefully there will be one when we're down in a few weeks!

krisla said...

Thanks, Beck, for that window into those artists. Maybe I'll make it next time.
And on your previous post--I'm somewhat relieved to see you still rate Isla as your number one, as I've been getting critical of small things...(garbage, noise)...and I'm gratified to see it still rates high in your overall scale, esp after you've been so many other places!

Life's a Beach! said...

Kris, we just haven't found any other place with the combo of a Playa Norte swimming beach, fishing village charm, great restaurants, ease of getting around, friendly people, and variety of places to stay. I do know what you mean about sometimes feeling like you're camping. There's an ease of living here in the U.S. with safe drinking water from the tap, toilets that handle paper, etc... When we were in Belize, I took a wrong turn on the bike and ended up on a muddy bumpy road in an extremely poor area. A guy walking down the road yelled -- "Mama, you like da bumpy road?" I guess I do!

Ann, be sure and go. It's a little boutique!